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welcome to the community pavilion family a safe haven for everyone my DMS are always open Instagram trovo_mrcommunity twitter. mrcommunity4 discord community pavilion link will be in chat Rules: 1. No bullying, sexism, racism, homophobia or other hate-based chat. 2. no jokes about mental health 3. Don’t spam words or use all-caps 4. No advertising or self-promotion 5. Be kind and respect others 6. Be positive 7. share the love 8. I do not t4t or f4f self promotion schedule 21:00-23:30 UK time Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday and Sunday hi everyone and welcome to the channel my name is mrcommunity the proud founder of community pavilion working along side bamxire a safe haven for all gamers and streamers to have a place to find new people to play and chill and chat with no judgement I have autism myself so I find it hard with social interaction my main passion is streaming and connecting with like minded individuals i may not use mic or cam that often due to my disabilities I used to stream on mixer before it pulled the plug so I have decided to try and find a new place to call home I hate change due to my condition but here I am let's goooooo thank you for taking your time to read this about me section drinkwraith partner use code mrcommunity for your 10% off all orders


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