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!! Giveaway !! ============= subscribe for a chance to Win ($50) gift card of your choice. use it to buy anything you like A Mouse or Headset or Mic you subscrive will be entered into our giveaway, wich is drawn on 31st August live on stream. so get innit to winn-it ($50 value) your choice of item(s) or voucher! =). The winner will announced live on stream August 31st! to a random subscriber! using a random name picker. GOOD LUCK! =========== Hi. Welcome to my channel. I'm a variety streamer, I'm currently at collage learning game design. We have started a Stream Team & Community; The Lizzard lurkers, viewers and streamers are welcome to join! - https://discord.gg/cRaKUC2 https://twitter.com/WarD4wg Make friends have fun and support from our community! were all here for each other. I'm 28 and i have moved my community from twitch to Trovo. This is my home now and I wouldnt have it any other way! You can find me playing many games such as: Satisfactory Fortnite The Assassins Creed series Battlefield Series (since my first online multiplayer Experience Playing Battlefield 2142) Call of Duty franchises ( I've never missed a launch day yet haha!) Destiny ( i Just love SCI-FI and space games!) Far Cry Franchise (since far cry 2 on PC) Fallout franchise Fable Franchise Sea of Thieves - Beware of the War Dawg's -Crew Portal 1 & 2 - I just love this game it's genius! Prison Architect


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