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My name is Ninjacowboy, I am primarily an Apex Legends coach, manager and Junior Director, for Brutal Democracy Gaming, who is making the move to streaming full time on Trovo to hopefully ride the coming growth to this already impressive platform!!! I am currently living in Japan until the end of the summer but all of my stream times are in Eastern Standard Time and I have no problem working with time difference when it comes to coaching or collaborating!  Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8am - 11am EST Friday: 8am - 1pm EST / 7pm - 11pm EST Saturday: 8am - 1pm EST Sunday: 8am - 11am EST These times are tentative due to the fact that I work a full time job but if you follow my socials you'll always be up to date with changes! If you would like to donate to help me achieve my goal of being a full time streamer the link is below!!! Tips are appreciated but not needed!!!


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