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Follow to catch me live all night, every night at 10pm eastern! 🎉Birthday stream August 9th! ⭐️THANK YOU SUBSCRIBERS!⭐️ 🎖carsonjonmauk (1x) 🎖HighHyde (1x) 🎖kinked (1x) 🎖MSW_Craxy (1x) 🎖sephy_triaxis (1x) 🎖Kaotic_Exorcist (1x) 🎖ElevateVenom (1x) 🎖RuthlesLanky (1x) TOP ELIXER DONATIONS 🥇RuthlesLanky ($53) 🥈MSW_Craxy ($21) 🥉HighHyde ($15) WeeWee ($14) NR6_FredoIV ($10) (50% off 1st month sub on android app) SOCIAL Join our discord community to be able to talk to me off stream and stay informed! ABOUT ME I stream mobile shooter games exclusively on Trovo everyday! Main games are Fortnite & CODm! Now that I have a new fast computer, I’m trying out PC games like Warzone & Hyperscape! GODS OF BOOM: 7,000+ Wins, 100k+ Kills - #1 World Ranked Clan CYBER HUNTER: 1,000+ Wins, 10k+ Kills, 10 K/D - S4 #1 North America Ranked Solo Player, #1 Clan FORTNITE: 600+ Wins, 11k+ Kills, 5 K/D, Solo Squads CODM: BR Legendary 50+ Wins, 10 K/D, Solo Squads SPECS Mobile Gaming Device: iPad Pro 3rd Gen 13" 256gb 120fps Streaming PC: Fully custom, built by me! AMD Ryzen 9 12 Core, Mini DTX, Water Cooled 64gb Ram, 2TB M.2 SSD Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080ti FE 🚨CHAT RULES🚨 Follow Trovo TOS Positive vibes only Be respectful No flirting with viewers No spamming No self promoting


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