First Trovo Partner Stream #Trovo500

ChainZ Arena 1 viewer

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My name is Boomer_Live. I have over 8600 hours in Dead by Daylight and love streaming it. I am here on Trovo to help support this new and upcoming platform and plan on running several Dead by Daylight and Call of Duty events! Make sure to join my discords for news and keep up to date. I am cofounder of the eSports group Deadby eSports, a group dedicated to making monthly events streaming platforms. Our last event in June was for Dead by Daylight and had over 300 signups with over a 500 CCU. Personal Discord: Deadby eSports event discord: YouTube: Dlive: Rules: Be respectful to everyone. NO profanity. NO discriminatory remarks. NO spam. NO excessive caps or emojis. NO advertising. NO politics. NO spoilers or false rumors. DO NOT argue with mods.


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